Target / Star Wars

Creative Direction / Design / Production Art
Each new Star Wars movie creates new life long fans. To celebrate how Star Wars fandom has affected different generations of fans, and how that fandom affects each person differently, we partnered with Target to highlight real fans. Using the themes surrounding Rogue One / A Star Wars Story as a jumping off point, we created an online film to highlight how inside each and every Star Wars fan, lives a rebel.  

Production Style Frames
To bring this film to life as quickly a possible within an aggressively short timeframe for a FX heavy film, I created style frames to help bring the visuals to life. Both the help the approval process along, as well as give the production company a starting point. We decided to use a multiple exposure technique to re-enforce that Star Wars lives inside of every fan.

Social Toy Photography
With the release of Rogue One / A Star Wars Story, came a flood of amazing new Star Wars toys onto Target shelves. To highlight both the range of toys, and focus on a few exclusives, we created a series of social photographs that visualized the toys as if they were brought to life by a child's (or adult's) imagination.