Domino's Pizza Tracker re-skin for The Dark Knight
 Designed for an Indiana Jones tie-in, this project took a nose dive when building a real world Burger King with built in booby traps became cost prohibitive.
 Personal illustration site
 Whopper Friend Finder was started and stopped at least half a dozen times. The concept was simple and fun, can your love of the Whopper help you find true love.
 Nice Curves was a site we worked on for a while. The basic idea was that users could mark and share interesting public roads, essentially creating their own road courses to drive. Our prototypes got pretty much shut down by legal.
 Site concept for a new section of The Children's Hospital.
 Band site for The Woggles
 Panel Tag was a pass along comics project that I started with a couple friends. Ran it for a couple years, then everyone started to get actual jobs.
 A campaign for Burger King Europe, the Mancademy was gonna be a Kahn Academy style site to learn things that all men should know. From the useful, to the not so useful. Unfortunately the budget on the production of another BK campaign imploded, and dollars had to be shifted around.
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