VW / Jump on the Wagen

Creative Direction
Every four years, the world comes together for soccer's biggest event. Unfortunately for America, they didn't qualify for the 2018 World Cup. So for the tournament, we created a campaign for Volkswagen that encouraged American's to Jump on the Wagen with a new team. We launched a full-scale campaign to help American soccer fans to find a new team to root for. My responsibilities covered digital portions of the campaign, from the actual site, to social, to Snapchat. 


Choose Wisely
To help fans choose between the 32 remaining countries in the tournament, we created unique pitches from each team. For each game, custom head-to-head match-up carousels ran on Facebook. These match-ups ran throughout the tournament, allowing teams to continue to pitch for fan support. 

Once a fan actually chose a new team to root for, they were able to share custom GIFs and receive SMS game updates. The experience was designed to get fans involved with their new team with just a few clicks. 


During the finals, a custom VW Snapchat Selfie Lens helped people feel more at home with their new fan base. Allowing them to apply team-specific face paint, as well as teaching them a chant in their adoptive country's language.